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Thursday, December 6, 2007


When you go in for a job interview, I think a good thing to ask is if they ever press charges.

–Jack Handey


Anonymous said...

I'm interviewing for a new job now, and used this statement as leadin to following up with the highering manager. I'll let you know if it helped.

mss said...

In my experience, most do, but I guess that depends on how awesome you are

some guy said...

I usually wait to see what vera carp has to say before I check in but I'll dive right in on this one.
Handey offers some sage advice here.
Why beat around the bush? Get it right out in the open. If they say,"Yes, we have and will press charges", well... we're done here. Move on.
But if not I'm sure the hiring manager will have a good laugh with the Human Resources manager over the 'strong candidate' who thought he might even make it to the 'highering' manager.
Who might that be? Sly Stone?
Wanna take you higher...HIGHER!!!

MARY said...

Let's hear it for Vera Carp.

Willis, TX

Vera Carp said...

Please forgive my absence.
I've been wrapping Christmas gifts for my nephews, and you know how those little puppies and kittens can struggle! But I love them all, and I'm sure I'll wind up with them after Christmas. It happens every year, which is why I keep a kennel next to the garage.
But back to the suject at hand.
There are times when one must take a stand.
Allow me to explain:
I recently was asked during a job interview if I would press pants.
I said, no! I don't see what that has to do with being a door greeter!
But press charges? That's an entirely different thing, isn't it?
Yes, I believe it is.

Anonymous said...

Once when I was being interviewed for a security/bouncer job, they asked if I'd ever been convicted of a felony. I answered, "Convicted? No, never *convicted*." Yes, with emphasis on "convicted."

They hired me on the spot.