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Wednesday, November 14, 2007


To me, boxing is like a ballet, except there's no music, no choreography, and the dancers hit each other.

–Jack Handey


mss said...

Its funny cause its true.

Vera Carp said...

Don't I know it!
It's kind of like bird watching, isn't it. Bird watching and skeet shooting are so much alike! You watch them so closely.. and just when you turn around to tell your little brother, "Lookit! There's a colbalt festerpucker!" BLAM. It's nothing but a puff of feathers. And then we'd make festive Native American head dresses! Now THAT'S educational!

r burgundy said...

It just makes me sad to think that I'll probably never see a cobalt festerpucker. But I'm over it now.
So, stay classy, San Diego!

Vera Carp said...

It is true, Mr. burgundy, the colbalt festerpucker is an elusive creature. But in the waning days of September, when the moon is nearly full, tiny flocks of six or seven festerpuckers can be attracted to your window sill by the sound of the colbalt festerpucker call.
"Shreeeeeeeeeee,,ka-ka-ka-ka-ka-ka-Yah, yah, yah- pook!shhhhhhhh."
It has never failed me.

r burgundy (friend of someguy) said...

You kill me Vera.... in the nicest possible way.... really...
Can you put a price tag on a good belly laugh? With no string tag?
And the ear to ear grin?
That has been Red Tagged on your account.
Please.... don't leave me....

Vera Carp said...

I must say, you and your friends do tap my brain trust on more than one ocassion!
Laughs and guffaws are always free!
You know that!
But when it comes to a decent chortle or a ripe cackle, I usually wait for a sale, around late May... about the same time as Toyotathon.

some ron guy burgundy said...

Easy for you to say! I had no idea these things were free.
My best friends used to routinely collect a fee from me whenever I would laugh, and especially guffaw.
I see now they weren't really my friends... they were merely posterior clowns.

Vera Carp said...

Think of the money you'd have now if only you'd dropped those cloins into a jar at home. I'm afraid you've been duped, Mr. some ron guy burgundy said.
It may be time to prepare a delicious antifreeze vinegarette, and have a smart little dinner party for your "friends"! Then, think of all of the guffaws you can enjoy without those costly user fees! Now THAT'S something to smile about!

some ron guy burgundy said...

Vera you are delightfully demented.
Not since Three Cloins in A Fountain have I enjoyed such raucous entertainment.
But 'antifreeze vinagarette'!?
I certainly don't want to be the lead story on Court TV.
At least those user fees weren't hidden. You get what you pay for.

Vera Carp said...

To cloin a phrase, Mr. ron guy burgundy, "There are no victims, , there are only volunteers". If you chose to be the volunteer, it is my hope your investment in such mirth pays off with many happy chuckles. And you can substitue canola oil for the antifreeze if you choose, but it does affect the color. (and flavor)